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Pro Comp – White Jiu Jitsu Gi


A limited edition white competition gi with clean details in black. The jacket is made of 560 gsm pearl weave and the pants are made of 300 GSM drill cotton. All prices include taxes. Shipping is calculated in the check out.


A super clean white gi made for competition. A pretty tight fit, and no nonsense. It’s compliant with IBJJF rules, so make sure that you follow the rules too.

The Jacket and the pants has high definition weaved patches and embroidery, but with a lot of  room for team patches.  The jacket is made of 560 gsm (gram per square meter) pearl weave with reinforcements in the right places. The pants are made of 300 gsm drill cotton with double reinforced knee areas. The cuffs on both sleeves and pant legs have four rows of stitching. The gi’s collar is made of EVA-foam to prevent sweat and bacteria absorbing into the collar. Belt is sold separately. This gi will shrink approximately 3-7 % after 5 washes at 30 degrees celsius. Belt is sold separately. The gi is delivered in a sublimated drawstring bag.

  • 100% cotton
  • Jacket is 560 GSM Pearlweave
  • Designed for unrestrained movements
  • 300 GSM drill pants in 100% cotton.
  • Athletic fit


Size Height Weight
A0 150–160 cm 45–55 kg
A1 160-170 55–70 kg
A1L Like A1 but longer arms & legs 55–70 kg
A2 170–182 cm 70–85 kg
A2L Like A2 but longer arms & legs 82–85 kg
A3 182–190 cm 85–95 kg
A3L Like A3 but longer arms & legs 85–95 kg
A4 190–200 cm 95+ kg


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

A0, A0L, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4


2 kg


White, Black




100% Cotton