29-Niku [nee-kuh-nee-kuh]

29-Niku [nee-kuh-nee-kuh] is a small independent start up, that tries to capture the Japanese spirit through bold graphic expressions. We are dedicated to make the best quality limited edition Jiu Jitsu gear in the universe. Available in Europe through Rebelz.eu, in Japan through 29-Niku.jp and through anywhere else through this shop.

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Our Athletes

Kenta “Motti” Iwamoto

This young Jiu Jitsu prodigy represent Igloo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Setagaya, Tokyo. He is coached by the legendary Shinya Aoki, and was the only Japanese athlete represented in 2019 ADCC in –66kg. He is one of the strongest of the new generation of grapplers from Japan. Read more about Kenta in this issue of Gong magazine.

Karl “King” Albrektsson

Representing the legendary Pancrase Gym in Stockholm, Sweden. Karl is one of the most successful MMA fighters in Sweden. His first fight was a TKO win in 2012, in Koszalin Poland. But he is most famous for his success in the Japanese organisation Rizin FF. He is currently sign with Bellator, and is managed by Cepsig.

We are looking for more awesome people

If you like our stuff and are an upcoming Athlete, a Jiu Jitsu influencer or some kind of cool artist, you are welcome to contact us for future collaborations.