Roll with it

29NIKU [nee-kuh-nee-kuh] is a small independent start up that tries to capture the Japanese spirit through bold graphic expressions. The recipe for our products consists of three parts. 

  1. A Jiu Jitsu product with the best functionality, in top quality materials.
  2. A concept that is so fun or relatable that you have to riff about it with your buddies. 
  3. A next level design execution.

When a sample hits all three targets, we put it into production.

Our stuff is available in Sweden through and in Europe through We plan to open in Japan through We also ship worldwide from this shop.

Collabs and Friends

We love inspiring collabs at 29NIKU. We have done stuff together with McDojoLife, Igloo Jiu Jitsu in Tokyo and ADCC Trials winner Kenta Iwamoto. We have also done projects with Rebelz, local JiuJitsu heroes, designers and friends.

We are looking for more awesome people

If you like our stuff and are an upcoming Athlete, a Jiu Jitsu influencer or some kind of cool artist, you are welcome to contact us for future collaborations.

The backstory

29NIKU founder Pelle, started training martial arts in 1996. After retiring from competitions, he started a Jiu Jitsu Academy, together with friends in 2007. The school was called Kött FC (Meat FC), and was a bit of an anti-brand. The academy did everything the other way around from other academies. Colorful, playful graphics. A funny name, with the tagline “Våld löser allt” (Violence solves everything). Also a flat hierarchy, and open mindedness towards people in general. The brand story was that it was “a bunch of friends fighting together for fun. But not at the expense of ambition. The guys competed in Jiu Jitsu, No Gi, MMA, Shooto and Escrima.

The concept was revived as Jiu Jitsu brand, ten years later. Meat translates to “Niku” in japanese. But because of the similar spelling of a famous shoe brand, we had to tweak it to register and protect the brand name. Hodaka, the owner of Igloo Jiu Jitsu, proposed that it would be 29NIKU® (2 and 9 translates to Ni 二 and Ku 九.).


The company is basically a one man show, except for the friends at Rebelz, who help out with storage and the day to day shipping.

Pelle is a second degree black belt under world champion Carlos Lemos Jr and teaches kids Jiu Jitsu at a local Academy.

He works in the fashion industry during office hours and by night he switches to spats and rashguard like a dad bod spiderman, and runs 29NIKU as a side hustle for the love of design and Jiu Jitsu.

Four year old doing frames, sweeps and back takes.