This thick Judo inspired competition gi has nice details in camouflage. And it’s built like a tank. The Jieitai production is limited to 200 pieces world wide. 

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A real heavy white kimono, that can take a beating. The jacket is made of 650 gsm pearl weave on top, and 650 gsm double diamond weave for the skirt. The gi’s collar is made of EVA-foam to prevent sweat and bacteria absorbing into the collar. The cuffs on both sleeves and pant legs have four rows of stitching. The pants are made of 12 oz cotton twill,  and have reinforced knees. All of the reinforcements are made to max out the quality, but still fit within the IBJJF’s rules for 2020. This gi will shrink approximately 3-7 % after 5 washes at 30 degrees celsius. Belt is sold separately. The gi is delivered in a sublimated drawstring bag.

As with most judo style gis, the woven-in letters may look slightly distorted, due to the thick weave and heavy construction. Loose threads may also appear. Please cut loose threads carefully with a sharp scissor.

  • 100% cotton
  • Jacket is 650 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Skirt of the jacket is 650 GSM Diamond Weave
  • Designed for unrestrained movements
  • 12 oz twill pants in 100% cotton.
  • Athletic fit


Size Height Weight
A0 150–160 cm 45–55 kg
A1 160-170 55–70 kg
A1L Like A1 but longer arms & legs 55–70 kg
A2 170–182 cm 70–85 kg
A2L Like A2 but longer arms & legs 82–85 kg
A3 182–190 cm 85–95 kg
A3L Like A3 but longer arms & legs 85–95 kg
A4 190–200 cm 95+ kg


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4


2 kg


Black, Grey




100% Cotton